We are your leading Queensland mining equipment & maintenance specialists servicing the mining, municipal and civil industries across the Bowen and Surat Basins.

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At Scope Equipment Hire, we have over 30+ years of industry experience and specialise in providing fast and cost-effective services such as dewatering solutions, dredging, site maintenance and a Mackay based workshop for offsite repairs and maintenance.


We also offer high quality mining equipment hire, as well as repair, sell, rent and service LED lighting towers, dewatering pumps, pontoons and more across the Queensland mining, municipal and civil industries.

For on-time, quality and cost-effective services across the Queensland mining, industrial and civil industries, Scope Equipment Hire are your go-to specialists.

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Equipment hire.

We provide quality dewatering pumps, pontoons, LED lighting towers, dredging services and GEO Tubes .

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Site water management.

Our team oversees a range of water management services for your commercial, industrial or mining site.

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We offer programmed services and repairs to diesel and electrical equipment in mining, industrial and civil markets.

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Site services.

We supply specialist teams and equipment for ongoing site-based projects and contract work.